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SMK ACS Sitiawan

Welcome to the official homepage of Sekolah Menengah Methodist ( A.C.S ) , Sitiawan , Perak . SMK Methodist (ACS) Sitiawan is a school located in Sitiawan, Perak. Our school is famous for it's academic performance and also for our co-curicullar activities, such as our majestic band and hardy scout troop.

Looking to the future , the school has opened this website to keep in touch with Vision 2020; to become a high tech school that is prepared for the challange of the new millenium.

The motto of ACS Sitiawan is Forever Onwards ( Maju Terus Maju ). By that , we aim to ever improve and evolve ourselves to become the best educational institution available for our students.

Thank you for visiting this site . We hope that you will find useful information about the school that you might want to know . Feel free to send us your feedback.Enjoy your visit here . You can also mail us if you want to know more about ACS Sitiawan.

   SMK Methodist (ACS),
   32000 Sitiawan,

The clubs of SMK ACS , such as our band , are famous all over the country . As we aim to excel in every department and co-curiculum is an extremely improtant subset of the learning experience, we hold the importance of co-curicullum in high regard.Find out more about our excellent co-curicullum clubs and our fantastic activities.

The Old pupils association regularly gives aid to the school to show their care for the school which the once studied at and love.
Read about them.

ACS Sitiawan has a rich history. Read about it. From the day when the first brick was laid to our modern day school, which has been cerfitied as a 5 star school by the Ministry of Education.

Contact us if you want to know more about this page. Who are the small group of people who created it ? Even though we do not have many facilities, but we still try as hard as we can. Click this sentence.

The PIBG is one of the most important associations in a school. Learn about our PIBG.

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